Vision Part 2

Joel Sales - 15th September

Vision Sunday

Joel Sales - 8th September


Kaf Smith - 1st September

Are We Thirsty?

Joel Sales 25th August

Changing Sides Changes Everything

Tom Morgan 11th August

Don’t Waste The Waiting

Em King - 21st July

Receive Rooted Reassured

Joel Sales - 7th July

Motivated By Love

Kaf Smith - 30th June

Created To Love

Kaf Smith - 23rd June

Are We Listening?

Alex Rayment - 16th June

Pentecost Sunday

Joel Sales - 9th June

Get Ready

Kaf Smith - 2nd June

He’s Only Just Begun

Tom Morgan - 26th May 2019

Family Fuels Purpose

Joel Sales - 19th May 2019

Adventure Beyond The Familiar

Joel Sales - 5th May 2019

Worship With Everything

Joel Sales - 12th May 2019

How To Change The World

Cath Sales - 28th April 2019

Follow Me

Tom Morgan - 7th April 2019

You’re Welcome Here

Joel Sales - 17th March