Welcome to the Pattern Store, a warehouse which played a part in Swindon’s rich railway heritage and the home of Pattern Church. This central location will house our Sunday services and courses, allow space to grow, and be a resourcing hub for ministry across the region and a source of support for the local community.

LOWER GROUND FLOOR - Imagine a bespoke, refurbished welcoming church and community space. On the lower ground floor a worship space for between 250 and 350 people, with an open glazed area for young children and parents.

Our first priority is evangelism, primarily through Alpha. Having completed two evening courses, with people finding faith or returning to faith, this front and centre evangelism will continue in the new building with Alpha groups taking place morning and evening every term, reaching new people.


GROUND FLOOR - The ground floor with a hospitality area, a kitchen, toilets, and three break-out rooms for children’s groups on Sundays and various groups and courses in the week. We’d love to space to be a hub of community for everyone in Swindon.


FIRST FLOOR - The new space on the first floor will enable Pattern Church to be a home for young people, finding community and exploring faith, whatever their story and challenges. We have already begun to see young people inviting their friends to church, and we are dreaming of a new generation of young people running after Jesus. We hope to see hundreds of young people finding faith, being released as leaders, and taking a lead as peer-leaders, discipling their friends.


If you’d like to find out more information about the building please email Similarly if you’d like to give towards the building project you can do so below.